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Our bath mat offers a rare combination of comfort and luxury; it is super soft, soaks up moisture, and designed to last for years through heavy use and machine washing

Your bath mat is the first thing your body touches after leaving the shower or bath, so it’s worth treating your feet to one you really like. LuxUrux’s lush bath rug set covers all the bases with its soft, quick-drying material and anti-skid layer. Place them outside of your bath tub or shower to provide a soft, water-absorbent solution or in front of your vanity to give bare feet a cushy feel. Microfiber is renowned for its outstanding absorbing abilities and therefor our mat is perfect for bathrooms with heavy traffic because it will dry quickly. The ultra-soft bathmat has more than 90,000 fibers per square inch, to absorb water quicker and better. These rugs are available in 4 different colors to coordinate with any bathroom. Designed to last for years, the rugs won’t shrink or turn rough after being washed. It won’t fade with continue use. making it a safe choice for kids, toddlers and adults.

With so many benefits, it’s a great additional to any bathroom!

Microfiber – Super absorbent and quick-drying ability Anti-skid PVC bottom Extra softness – Each microfiber pile is 1" long, Easy cleaning – Machine washableI deal for bathroom, living room, kitchen, bedroom, guestroom Pet friendly

Luxurious Soft Pile That Soothes Tired Feet and Shields Toes From The Cold Floor

Pets will love it!

Besides regular use, it is a great option for your pets, dogs enjoy sleeping on these mats. You can even place these under the food and water bowls of your pets. You will find your lovely pets enjoy sitting on these soft mats, it could be a great gift for your cute dogs and cats.

Colours & Sizes Variants

Available in bunch of colours & sizes for individual needs as we believe as every home’s interior decoration has a distinctive characteristic. Available in a wide variety of both playful and neutral colours, these rugs are essential for any style space.

Multi-Use for Everyone

Place these rugs in-front of your sink and near your bathtub/shower and feel great standing on these soft and comfy mats, doing hair/makeup, brushing teeth, drying yourself or your child, than just standing on the hard and cold floor. Your kids will also love these under their feet.

Rug Layers

Our rugs contains a top layer of soft microfibers foam, they are soft and odorless. Middle layer works like magic by absorbing water & keeping the top layer dry. Last layer of Anti-skid bottom is made of high quality PVC material which practically has slip resistance on the dry floor surface.

Extra Softness

Our rugs provides a luxurious, soft pile made of 100% chenille that soothenes tired feet and shields toes from the cold floor. Its special microfiber construction offers you extra softness, 1" long microfiber shag, makes your feet surrounded by thousands of individual microfiber shags.

Excellent Absorbent

Durable & Thick Fibers The water on the mat dries quickly, keeping away from any mildew or moldy. The super-absorbent rug's microfiber surface quickly soaks up an impressive amount of water and keeps it contained. The rugs dries quickly for a healthier environment and supreme comfort from one use to the next.